Dawn on Lake Tahoe

Dawn on Lake Tahoe

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On the California Nevada border lies Lake Tahoe, one of the largest alpine lakes in the United States, and in my opinion, by far the most beautiful. The color of the lake waters are an astounding deep blue with great clarity. The lake Tahoe shoreline is varied, from residential neighborhoods of the west and north shores, to the smooth white granite boulders and caves that line the eastern shore where this image was captured.

I found this composition while out kayaking, and returned the next dawn to capture this image. The conditions were perfect for early June, nice weather with a recent deep snow pack up in the higher elevations of the Desolation Wilderness Area surrounding this amazing place.

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    We traveled around the United States in the fall and arrived in Tahoe in early October, when the snow did not have time to fall, and indeed it was quite sunny. And thanks to the sun, it shone so that it was impossible to look away from it. We drove around the lake in a clockwise direction, stopping at all permitted places, and descended into one trail, where a neighboring lake was discovered. It was like in another world.

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    The trip to Tahoe was the discovery of another, completely new California. By this moment we had seen the coastal part and San Francisco, the hills in the north of the state and Sausalito, the famous Bay Area with Silicon Valley, and here, at Tahoe, a completely different world was waiting for us: with truly high mountains, clear water surface, thick forests, crystal, ringing air, wooden houses and incredibly friendly people who are in the San Francisco area on the coast, of course, much calmer and more restrained – no traditional “okay sweet” for the American province and treats like your good friends. How beautiful California is, how diverse it is!

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